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1) Environment friendly battery additive - ElectroGel 3000
The environmental friendly battery additive for lead acid battery, it can remove battery sulphation, extend battery usage life, revive sulphated dead battery, repair and rebuild forklift batteries.
2) Diesel engines - MWM Engines
We have the industrial, bus and truck diesel engines and specialists here. The MWM diesel engines are the D229 series, the 10 series and the Sprint series for stationary, vehicular and marine applications. Whatever energy need on your field, you can count on the superior power of the MWM Diesel engines.

3) Vehicle electrical power analyzing computer - VEPAC Battery Analyzer
A range of handheld or in-car unit of vehicle electrical power analyzers or battery power analyzers, they are high-tech devices for care of lead acid batteries and to identify problems with car battery, starter and alternator.

4) Organic Liquid Fertilizer - BioGROWTH
Highly effective agriculture organic fertilizer, it incorporates crop protection properties and formulated from natural botanical extracts.
5) Golf Tournament Management System - KristalBall software
Golf event organizer favourite software, it is comprehensive, user friendly, efficient, complete and widely used golf tournament management and scoring computer system.



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