Bonwe Technology (S) Pte Ltd

Our mission is to create and introduce innovative products that are environmental friendly and improve productivity to the industry.

Our products and services are environmental friendly, user friendly, able to change and improve lifestyle, increase productivity and efficiency.

Established in 1994, a lot of efforts have been spent on product research and development (R & D), especially for the ElectroGel 3000 battery additive, BioGROWTH organic fertilizer and VEPAC power analyzer, they are the most unique products we have developed for the market.

ElectroGel 3000 is to improve on sulphuric acid electrolyte used in lead acid batteries, making it more environmental friendly, extend battery life, and revive sulphated and condemned battery. Hopefully, all lead acid batteries should be treated with ElectroGel 3000 in the future BioGrowth organic fertilizer is the model of future organic fertilizer for environmental friendly farming.

VEPAC series of handheld battery power analyzers are our premium products for the vehicles and lead acid batteries industry. Hopefully, in the near future, all vehicles should have a built-in VEPAC for a peace of mind of vehicle electrical power supply.


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