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Environment Friendly Organic Liquid Fertiliser

An organic liquid fertilizer that incorporates crop protection properties !

General Information

is an environment friendly multi-action organic liquid fertilizer. Formulated from botanical extracts, it is capable of promoting unparalleled vegetative growth, plant health and fruit yields. Unlike conventional chemical fertilizer, it is non-toxic, non-irritant, anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-feedant and completely biodegradable.

BioGROWTH eliminates the need for cumbersome operational procedures required for handling of highly toxic chemical insecticide, pesticide or fungicide.

In vivio applications demonstrate that regular employment of BioGROWTH results in:

  • Increase crop yield and productivity;
  • Extended shelf life of crops and fruits;
  • Provide micronutrients to soil and promote vegetative growth and robustness;
  • Drastic reduction in cosmetic damage;
  • Unblemished and healthy leafy plants, flowers, vegetables and fruits are graded higher, increasing their marketability and market values;
  • Earlier harvest, up to 33% reduction in growth cycle;
  • Healthy and better condition of soil and surrounding water source;
  • Reduces crop susceptibility to fungi, insects and pests.
  • BioGROWTH is highly cost effective and offers the most economical solution in terms of sustaining and increasing plant yields. The qualitative and quantitative improvements for farms and plantations translate into significant increase in product revenues and cost saving, as well as a better environment.

Detail Properties of BioGROWTH

1. Anti-Pathogenic Properties

  • Antifungi
    The organic components of BioGROWTH reduce crop susceptibility to damage from fungal disease, insect and invertebrate pests. The fungistatic properties of BioGROWTH restricts the growth of disease-causing fungi without actually killing the organism, allowing the host plant to utilise its own natural defences to contain the spread of the disease.

  • Antifeedant
    BioGROWTH contains antifeedants that, after ingestion, suppresses the appetite of gustatory insects in the larval and adult stage, resulting in the death of these pests due to starvation. The mechanisms of action are nonspecific, reducing the possibility of loss of disease control due to pathogen resistance.

  • Controls post harvest disease
    BioGROWTH extends the life of the crop in the period between harvest and arrival on the market. For produce with high commercial value such as strawberries, post harvest diseases can cause a very significant loss of income, especially during refrigerated storage and transpotation. BioGOWTH can delay the onset of infection by Altematria sp. and Botrytis cinerea; two major food spoilage fungi that are capable of infection, growth and sporulation at 4oC.

2. Effects on Plant Vitality and Growth cycle

  • Promotes vegetative and robustness
    Due to the presence of residual lipid-soluble plant growth stimulating factors in the botanical extracts. BioGROWTH stimulates vegetative growth, enhancing plant vitality and robustness.

  • Increase fruit yields
    Stimulation of growth by BioGROWTH is supported by availability of nutrients, the repellation of pests and insects from within the plant, robustness of plant that is more tolerant to changes in environmental conditions, resulting in increased fruit yields.

  • Shortens growth cycle
    The natural botanical extracts make nutrients available to the target crop in a form that requires minimal processing. Absorption of micronutrients of BioGROWTH and its utilisation in plants is extramaly rapid, result in a shorter growth cycle.

3. Environmental Impact

  • Biodegradable
    Synthesized chemicals have non-biodegradable residues that accumulate to contaminate soils and ground-water. Excessive concentrations of these synthetic compounds in the long term present a severe and deleterious impact on the ecosystem. This results in a drastic decrease in crop productivity and even crop damage. BioGROWTH is completely and efficiently biodegradable, it has no negative impact to environment.

  • Non-toxic
    Being non-toxic in nature, leaching of BioGROWTH from soils into water catchment basins and the water table is not harmful. Unlike phosphate fertilizers, BioGROWTH in runoff water does not encourage the proliferation of algae.

4. Other Properties

  • Operator safe
    BioGROWTH is non-toxic and operator safe unlike synthesized chemicals.

  • Ease of handling and use
    BioGROWTH is completely miscible with water in all proportions and easy to apply systemically via the plant root system.

  • Flexible integration into farming methods
    BioGROWTH's operator safety and easy handling aspect make it simple to be integrated into existing and prevailing cultural practices and farming methods


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