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MWM Diesel Engines

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MWM Diesel Engines - Stationary


Energy generated by a MWM 10 Series engines powers a wide range of machines, from tractors up to full irrigation systems. Robustly built, these engines translate MWM's commitment to provide the market with high technology, durability and reliability. The 10 Series engines include the 4 and 6 cylinder configurations, which stand out for their high performance and low operational cost.


Versatile and powerful, the 229 Series engines are definitely the most economic option for reliable non-stop energy generation. Developed in accordance with the latest MWM technology, the engines feature individual cylinder heads, removable cylinder liners (that can be replaced on site) and the full guarantee only an MWM product could offer.

MWM Diesel Engines - Vehicular


The MWM 10 Seies engines are the result of a continuous technological development. These reliable and high performance engines stand out for their lightness and low operational cost (individual headblocks - cylinder heads and removable cylinder liners). In addition, they were developed to meet the most stringent gas emission standards.


Efficient, compact and resistant. This is MWM Sprint, an engine ahead of its time that incorporates the state-of-the-art technology. It is diesel, high speed that features extraordinary performance and durability All these attributes become even more evident in the Sprint Electronic Series with the Common Rail injection system.

MWM Diesel Engines - Marine

The MWM 229 engines Series developed for marine applications also feature full reliability and tested technology that only an authentic MWM can assure.

These engines not only offer individual cylinder heads, removable liers and high performance, but also this advantage: easy maintenance and economy.



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